Cango Shortlisted for EqualOcean’s “Top 10 Digital Service Providers of China’s Automotive Mobility Industry” Award


EqualOcean Auto recently hosted its Global Technology Mobility Summit 2022 in Shanghai, China, where it presented its “2022 Global Technology Mobility Industry Awards.” Based on its innovation and outstanding performance, Cango made the shortlist for the “Top 10 Digital Service Providers in China’s Automotive Mobility Industry in 2022.”

Cango consistently strives to expand the boundaries of technology and enhance its digitalization capabilities through its effective technology system, which integrates informatization, digitalization and intelligence alongside its proprietary information and digital center. Cango’s inclusion on EqualOcean’s award shortlist demonstrates the market’s recognition and endorsement of Cango’s comprehensive efforts to drive digital transformation as well as the Company’s outstanding achievements in the field of automotive transaction services.

To further enhance its service capabilities, in 2022 Cango launched its one-stop transaction service platforms, “Cango Haoche” (new car) and “Cango U-Car” (used car) for new and used car dealers in China. These platforms enable Cango to provide safe, reliable, sustainable and stable services across the industry value chain, including vehicle sourcing, logistics and warehousing, financing, and insurance for upstream and downstream participants. Furthermore, through its closed-loop ecosystem covering various auto transaction scenarios and channels, Cango is committed to promoting efficient cross-regional circulation of vehicles nationwide.

Going forward, Cango will continue to accelerate its digitalization process through big data and technological innovation, while further improving transaction security and efficiency to provide dealers and consumers with a simple and enjoyable purchase process.